The Beast of Amis will be at Red Bull Flugtag in Philadelphia

It’s been a crazy few weeks here at Hashtag Multimedia HQ. Our videographers Adam and Robson haven’t been in much, and it’s not because they’ve skipped out on work; they’ve been on location with Amis chef/owner Brad Spence and his ragtag crew, filming their near every move in preparation for this weekend’s Red Bull Flugtag event at Camden Waterfront, where their sausage-centric aircraft, the Beast of Amis, will take flight (and likely plunge) into the tepid waters of the Delaware River in front of what’s expected to be a crowd of 50,000 spectators, perhaps more.

In the past few weeks, Adam and Robson have been shadowing Brad and crew as they build this monstrosity, take diving practice, enroll in jiu jitsu classes because why not, and embark on plenty of other team-building exercises. Team-building is a relative term here, because it’s rubbing off on us, too: It’s all going to eventually turn into an entertaining and wholly compelling documentary. Release date and method TBA. We’re extremely excited about this project here at Hashtag and we’ll be on hand Saturday for all the festivities. It’d be prudent to follow us on Facebook, twitter and instagram to keep up with the shenanigans.

Will you be making it out to Camden this weekend?