Instagram introduces web profiles—what it means

Instagram, the most popular photo sharing app among smartphone users, has slowly begun to roll out web-based profiles where users can log into their accounts, find other accounts to follow and, well, that’s about all once can do on these web profiles right now. Despite the hoopla—not to mention the beauty of these new pages, with profile info superimposed over a Windows Phone-esque collage of photos, the web-based profiles aren’t completely functional just yet.

For example, it’s still impossible to search for tags or users via Instagram’s site, even though third-party sites like Webstagram have had this capability for months. The Photo Maps feature, which allows users to create their own “maps” using the locations of their photos, is also not present. And although it’s easy to understand why, there isn’t an option on these web-based profiles to upload new photos to one’s Instagram feed. Instagram will seemingly continue to rely heavily on their mobile app, with the web-based profiles serving as a supplementary feature for now.

However, as they stand right now these web-based profiles are a quick, easy and beautiful way to share your Instagram feed with others online, including those who may want to check out your photos but don’t have an IG account. There’s usefulness there for businesses in having another channel to easily promote online, not to mention usefulness for marketers in terms of showing current and prospective clients how Instagram can benefit their business without huddling everyone around an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy.

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