8 Philadelphia Eagles You Must Follow On Twitter In 2013

8 Philadelphia Eagles You Must Follow On Twitter In 2013

Last summer, we created what we thought was the ultimate list of the best Philadelphia Eagles to follow on twitter. But a year later, it’s clear that while our list was still amazing, thanks to free agency, players being cut, and other mitigating factors it was not an evergreen (Ha! Get it?) article. No, with the Chip Kelly era officially underway as the Birds kick off their preseason tonight against the New England Patriots, our list was in sore need of an all-new update.

So in honor of the new-look team, here it is, the 8 best Philadelphia Eagles to follow on twitter in 2013. Hut hut hut!

Brandon Boykin (@BrandonBoykin2)

After an OK rookie campaign in 2012, the Eagles sorely need cornerback Brandon Boykin to step up and help solidify the secondary on a defense that many experts think could be shaky. With over 39,000 followers on twitter, Boykin’s presence on the social network is anything but shaky; he keeps things relatively light and on topic, tweeting out motivational messages, open-ended questions and a lot of tidbits on Georgia Bulldogs football. He’s also a Frank Ocean fan.

Brad Wing (@bwing38)

Rookie punter Brad Wing is competing with Donnie Jones for the starting job, but the 22-year old Melbourne, Australia native isn’t competing with anyone on the Eagles when it comes to strangely charming, fish-out-of-water, I’m-an-Australian-in-Philly quips. On that “competition,” Wing stands alone.


Matt Barkley (@MattBarkley)

With the Eagles’ quarterback situation being a continuing development—it looks as though Michael Vick has a leg up on the starting job right now, but that could change—the Eagles’ fourth round selection of USC quarterback Matt Barkley in this year’s NFL Draft turned a lot of heads. Quarterback is, after all, the most scrutinized position in American sports, and quarterbacks drafted out of USC seem to be under an even larger microscope—though history shows that maybe they shouldn’t be; it’s arguable that Carson Palmer is the most successful NFL quarterback to ever come out of USC, and yeah, he hasn’t turned out to be Joe Montana or anything.

Regardless of the cold, hard facts, the intrigue and mystique remains. Barkley should get his fair share of reps tonight and through the preseason to prove himself, but for now he’s an avid tweeter with over 119,000 followers. He’s also real patriotic.

Bryce Brown (@BryceBrown_34)

Late in the Eagles’ disappointing 4-12 season in 2012, Bryce Brown showed flashes of the potential he has to become a solid NFL running back. It remains to be seen how much playing time he’ll get this season behind Lesean McCoy, but then again no one really knows what kind of offense Chip Kelly is implementing. Brown is new to twitter and hasn’t cracked 4,000 followers yet, but we have a feeling that more playing time will translate to a larger audience (as if that matters, but hey, humor us.)

He’s also looking for hot movie tips if anyone has them.

Lane Johnson (@LaneJohnson69)

The Eagles’ offensive line was decimated by injuries and inconsistent play in 2012, and the Birds are hoping to solidify the line in 2013 with healthy players and the debut of Lane Johnson, who the team selected with the fourth overall pick in this year’s NFL Draft. One thing is for sure, he’ll be asked to make an impact immediately.

As for making an impact on twitter, Johnson doesn’t tweet to his 18,000 followers as frequently as some of his teammates, but every once in a while he strikes gold.

Connor Barwin (@ConnorBarwin98)

With 54,000 followers, Connor Barwin is one of the most popular Eagles on twitter. Hopefully his twitter success can translate to the field, where the Birds are in need of a solid linebacking corps to help prop up their defense.

Barwin is also really excited about Zubaz pants, you guys.

James Casey (@jamescasey85)

With Brent Celek entrenched as the Eagles’ starting tight end, James Casey figures to get playing time as a blocker and receiver in two and three TE sets almost exclusively. Still, with the creative offensive mind of Kelly at the helm, anything is possible.

Casey tweets a lot of motivational stuff much like Boykin, as well as updates on his still-new fatherhood, and earlier on, his housing/food desires.


Evan Mathis (@EvanMathis69)

Although his tweeting has stopped completely since the start of training camp, Eagles guard Evan Mathis is the undisputed MVP of twitter for this team. Very rarely does he tweet anything serious; it’s clear the big guy has a weirder sense of humor—or is at least more open about it—than most professional athletes.



—Bryne Yancey