Case Study: Brian Propp

Case Study: Brian Propp

The goal was to get Brian Propp back into the public eye, via TV, radio and print as well as securing some paid endorsements and creating a Foundation so Brian could specifically give money to recovering Stroke victims. This project came from a personal challenge that Brian overcame: Philadelphia Flyers Hall of Famer suffered a massive stroke on September 3, 2015. Three months later he was walking and skating again but had mild aphasia and weakness in his right hand.

The Strategy:

Using the weight of local Philadelphia channels, we were able to secure high-visibility positions that widely broadcasted his story.

Hashtag helped develop the Brian Propp Helping Hands Project at Magee Rehabilitation Hospital, we shot an educational video:

Then, Hashtag secured Brian an endorsement with Oxygen Oasis Wellness Center, and created the web series Breathing Your Way to Wellness, that Brian hosted. Exploring all the different ways patients have benefitted from this form of therapy. Multiple Sclerosis, Traumatic Brain Injury, Osteoradionecrosis, PTSD, CTE, Autism,Lyme Disease, RSD & CRPD to name a few.

The Results:

As a result of this campaign Brian enjoyed increased visibility, received various accolades and air time on major channels:

  • Named Grand Marshall of the Annual Heart Walk, recording a PSA with CBS Radio
  • Featured in a video by My Philadelphia Stories [link to that project]
  • Interviewed live on NBC 10 Show, hosted by Vai Sikahema
  • Awarded the 2016 Believe Award presented by Magee Rehabilitation Hospital
  • Awarded Father of the year by the Union League
  • Hired by the Philadelphia Flyers to be one of three team ambassadors
  • Hired by Modell’s Sporting Goods to take part in an exclusive promotion during the NHL Playoffs in 2016
  • Viktre Sports chose Brian from among 200 athletes to become one of their featured athletes

The Brian Propp Helping Hands Project at Magee Rehabilitation Hospital secured $35,000 in just three weeks.